CASHGHANA offer customers cash pawn loans on a variety of items from jewelry to electronics, tools and precious metals. Because of the way CASHGHANA lends money, it has become the lender of choice among other financial institutions in markets. From the way CASHGHANA handles the pawn ticket to the way its employees help the customer understand how to borrow on and redeem their property, CASHGHANA has developed an employee base of master pawnbrokers.
CASHGHANA provide fast friendly service during the pawn loan transaction and all other products offered by us. Each employee is a skilled appraiser who will assist the customer by maximizing the customer’s pawn loan opportunity. CASHGHANA also sell a variety of merchandise including electronics, tools and jewelry at great prices. We also provide immediate cash to customers who want to convert their unwanted assets into immediate cash by providing our QuickCash products to customers. CASHGHANA also provide consignment services to its prospective customers by converting getting the right customers to buy their assets at a price higher than a QuickCash product.
Visit CASHGHANA at Madina Zongo junction for a great quick loan or shopping great items at unbeatable prices. Watch out for a CashGhana office opening soon at your vicinity. Call us on 0246777000 or 0246777111 for more details about our presence at your vicinity.