“There have been several times that CashGhana has helped me feed my two kids. I am self-employed, and there are times when my clients have delayed paying me. So when times are hard, the friendly staff at CashGhana helps me…and with dignity. I know that my cherished belongings are safe until I can get them back. I have received loans on many separate occasions and each time my belongings were returned safe and quickly. CashGhana has been a helping hand.” — Enoch Ayeetey, Madina Redco
“CashGhana has helped me multiple times when I needed cash. Thanks to CashGhana, I am able to pay my bills every month. Short-term loans allow me to get through the month.” — Anita Sakyi. Islaie, Accra
“Pawn [loans] helped me in my time of need. CashGhana was able to give me cash when my lights were about to be cut off. I am a single mother with two kids and times are very hard. I was able to pawn my valuables until I got extra help.” — Gloria Twereboa. Pokuase, Accra
“I have both payday loans and pawn loans. They have helped me very much in some hard times I had when my job slowed down. If it hadn’t been for these loans, I don’t know if I would still have my house.” — Gina Appenteng P., Adenta
“I am thankful for CashGhana for giving me a loan. Especially at a time when a family emergency came. My bank would not give me a personal loan because of my past default at the bank. I had been with them for two years and get direct deposit which means they see my money before me.” — Tonzy (short Man). Dzowulu
“If it wasn’t for CashGhana, I wouldn’t be able to make up the difference for my medical needs and financial needs. I have done business for years with CashGhana and they have always been there for me and other customers that are in a financial bind. This is the only way some people have to keep their families going.” — Pricilla Annor. Ashaley Botwe
“I have fallen on bad times more than three times in the last year. I went to the bank and could not get the help I needed because of my bad credit history. If it was not for CashGhana, I would have lost the few good things that I have.” — Emmanuel Asante. Kumasi
“CashGhana specifically—are a necessity and an asset to the community. If not for these shops, our economy would have many more problems. These shops help us get through week to week, day to day and month to month. CashGhana has helped me for over 2 years!” — Gerald. Wenchi
“I’m writing these few lines to inform you that CashGhana has been convenient for me. Due to many unexpected hardships, being a low-income person with no credit, has affected me. CashGhana does not look at credit, they just value the object. CashGhana gives you plenty of time to pay a loan. Even though we have to pay interest, it helps. If it wasn’t for CashGhana, I really don’t know where I would go to get the money I needed.” — Kate Annor. University of Ghana
“CashGhana has been a reliable source in times of unexpected financial difficulties. Their lending services and valuation throughout the years that I’ve been a customer have been convenient, fair and flexible. Moreover, their terms and conditions are very forthcoming and I am in a position to accept or deny the terms. From my experience, I feel they fulfill a consumer need and I’m a well informed customer.” — Gerald S., Accra
“I am happy to have the freedom to use CashGhana to help me make ends meet as the cost of living is so high. With my husband not working, I am not able to get a loan from a bank and when I need money for gas or food for my children, I am happy that I can go to the CashGhana to get some cash and help me take care of my home.” — Michael, Spintex Road.
“When I couldn’t get funds from friends, relatives, mom and even daddy. CashGhana gave me a loan. Then they extended my loan until I was able to help myself better. I need their business for hard times because of the economy.”—Rita Asante, Accra
“Without CashGhana I would have been stuck in numerous destitute situations. Thankfully, they were there to help. Thank you, Cash Ghana.” — David H., Adenta
“As a customer of CashGhana, I have to say that without them, I would have sunk into debt and would have lost my good standing with some creditors. CashGhana help people that can’t go to the bank. They are a critical part of surviving small and sometimes large emergencies.” — Rhoda K., Lakeside Estate
“I use payday advances to prevent overdrafts with my bank account; and just weekly type miscellaneous expenses that sometimes make me a little short, so just a little loan—short-term—gets you through.” — Tina, Osu
“CashGhana pawn loans are very helpful to the average working person. Sometimes money gets tight in between paydays and pawnshops make it easy to get by. Without cash Ghana pawn loan, I would not have been able to get groceries or other necessities for my family.” — Dory E., Odorkor
“I use pawnshops and short-term loans because you cannot go to a finance company and get a ghc50 loan for medication, etc. At CashGhana, they are friendly and help in emergency situations.” — Akos, Madina
“[Payday loans] are so convenient… being able to come and get the money quickly and then come back and pay it off on my payday.” — Adrian K., Osu
“[Payday loans] are so convenient… being able to come and get the money quickly and then come back and pay it off on my payday.” — Adrian K., Osu
“Well, I have a 5-year old child and usually it’s emergencies with her. I’m a single mom, so you know bills that come up, they may be a little bit more than I can handle at the time. But I can get a loan and it helps me pay the bills that I need to pay.” — Sally, Madina Ashaley Botwe , Thirdgate