Step1: Pick Your Item To Pawn

Start with an acceptable item to pawn of which you are the legal owner. CashGhana will offer to either purchase your item or allow you to borrow money based on the value of your item. Common types of acceptable pawn items can include televisions, CDs and DVDs, guns, computers, tools, CD and DVD players, watches, jewelry, musical instruments and microwave ovens, among many other items. Find out more about items we accept.

Step 2:Visit Our Office

Bring the item to the CashGhana, where you will be required to provide a state-issued identification card or a valid driver’s license. CashGhana will appraise your item and tell you how much we will pay or loan.

Step 3: Your Fingerprint

Provide a fingerprint in jurisdictions where you are required to do so. CashGhana usually have your fingerprint placed on the sale or pawn agreement.

Step 4:Sign The Agreement

Sign the pawn agreement form and pawn ticket. Be sure to keep the pawn ticket in a safe place, since you may need it to prove ownership and to claim your property back.

Step 5:Smile,You’ve Got Cash!

Receive proceeds of the sale or loan. If you are borrowing cash for your item, you must return to the CashGhana and pay interest by the due date. Otherwise, you will lose your item.